[ecasound] Chainsetup saving bug

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden-lab.de>
Date: Wed Aug 18 2010 - 08:19:54 EEST

Good morning Everyone!
   Yesterday I worked with a big chainsetup. First I just extended the
commandline. But then it got so long (32 chains with loads of -ea and -klg and
a few more), that I wanted to save it. So I used -c for the interactive mode
and did this:
Ecasound ('h' for help)> cs-save-as rp.ecs
   When I edited the file, I found that several inputs were incomplete. I used
playat for almost anything, and sometimes stacked select on top of that. I
think lines were only cut of in cases of playat,select stacks. They would look
like this:
-a:32 -f:s16_le,2,48000 -i:playat,88.4,select,24.0
   It happened quite consistently. Also at some points there was a comma at the
end of the line, yet mostly not (only two commata and I could see nothing
special about these chains).
   I'm using Ecasound v2.7.0, self compiled with enable-experimental.
   Kai, do you know, why that might happen? Anyone else ever come across it?
   I maybe out of touch a little for the next week, so I haven't lost
interest, even if I don't reply directly.
   Kindly yours

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