Re: [ecasound] Ecasound and jack (and chains)

From: linux media 4 <linuxmedia4@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Aug 18 2010 - 00:48:26 EEST

>>> -Why I need to change CS, even without takes.-
>>> I thought about using a single CS and multiple Chains instead, but
>>> I don't see a way to do it. Take a simple case: You record to a file and
>>> want to listen to what you recorded. For that you'd need two chains, one
>>> from say jack to file, the other from file to jack.
>>> The idea was to mute the playback chain and record using the record
>>> chain. So far this works, no issue. When you want to listen to the
>>> recording, then you mute the recording chain and unmute the playback
>>> chain. This works exactly once, because while you listen through the
>>> playback chain, the record chain overwrites the file with zero-samples.

I know there's c-bypass, but that just disables chain operators. I
wonder if it would be a major project for Kai to write into the code the
ability to block signal going to a chain. Or possibly implement some
kind of internal variable that when a flag was set (possibly c-null)
would internally exchange 'AudioFileOut.wav' with 'null' and back again
when toggled.

I have no clue if these ideas are even implementable. But it's an idea.


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