[ecasound] ecasound and lua?

From: Philipp Überbacher <hollunder@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 26 2010 - 01:59:21 EEST

I reply at this point in the thread because apparently after that it was
a private conversation between Joel and me, something not intended on my

Anyway, I was away for a few days, without internet, and it helped a bit
to get something done.
What I have so far is a simple NET-ECI client that can send commands to
ecasound and read the replies. No parsing or anything fancy is done yet.
It is enough to control ecasound from CLI, and I'm very proud that I've
come this far.

I do have a clear goal for the next few days; I want to use it to record
a little CD.

The problems I face at the moment are related to ecasound itself. I try
to figure out the commands necessary to set ecasound up the way I need
it for this specific recording. It's going to be a rather static setup
for now, but I have to start somewhere.

The features I have planned at this time are:
1) A fast 'takes' system
2) simple recording
3) simple playback

I did manage to find the magical incantations to get it to record, so it
seems like the goal is reachable. I met some stumbling blocks however.

1) No major problems here, it should be a matter of a couple of string
operations. One thing I have yet to figure out is how to specify the
location of the file it records, it seems the home directory is the

2,3) I think I could create two chain setups, one for recording, one for
playback, and switch between those.

2) I have a hard time figuring out what's needed to prepare a chain
setup for recording.

- a chain setup, selected
- a chain, selected
- input and output for the chain
- engine-launch
- start

And for shutdown?
- stop
- and then? It seems my file wasn't properly closed.

I do record from jack, but the bitdepth was set to 16bit. I couldn't
figure out how to change that.

There's also this line, from aio-status, which doesn't tell me a lot:
 -> closed, audio format not available until object is opened.

3) playback should be relatively straight-forward, provided I can figure
out how to specify the correct path.

I think I'll keep CLI I/O for the moment. Even if it means some parsing
or pattern matching, it's likely easier than learning gtk. I don't
intend to stick with CLI though, Joel seems to have covered that pretty

I don't have it in git or anything yet, that may happen after the
current deadline is reached. I attach the current version of the code
though, in case someone is interested.

It's a lot of fun :)
Best Regards

"Wir stehen selbst enttäuscht und sehn betroffen / Den Vorhang zu
und alle Fragen offen." Bertolt Brecht, Der gute Mensch von Sezuan

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