Re: [ecasound] ecasound and lua?

From: Philipp Überbacher <hollunder@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 12 2010 - 20:06:30 EEST

Excerpts from Philipp Überbacher's message of 2010-07-12 10:07:08 +0200:
> > By the way, what kinds of signal processing would
> > you be wanting to do with Ecasound?
> Mainly simple recording, and for that there are lots of choices. I
> started to learn playing the piano only two years ago, I'm still very
> bad at it, but it's fun to record a few songs and give them away as
> little presents. Last time I did this with Traverso, but I could have
> easily done it in ecasound as well, since I didn't overdub at all.
> For that, maybe normalization, a little reverb and fade out of the
> track is likely enough. It would be nice to have such a CD ready in
> about two weeks, I'll try to use ecasound this time.
> Everything else I did or want to do is pretty much experimental, but
> still just recording and effects processing.
> I hope that ecasound can serve as a stable basis for those recording
> needs, and I hope that my frontend will give me just the features I
> want. Besides that, I hope it will be fun to write. Actually it already
> is, despite not a single line written :)

Oh, one more goal I have for my frontend is to get recording up and
running really fast. I sometimes get inspired and then there's nothing
worse than having to mess with the recording app or even running into
bugs. Eventually I want to press a button and have everything ready for
a quick recording in seconds, simply to capture the idea of the moment.

I read that Ecasound has midi capabilities, but I guess it's only CC,
which is ok, because it seems to work with jack transport (not tested
yet though).

I also really wonder about its automation capabilities. The little I
read so far sounds interesting, but I'll have to see whether it can do
'conventional' automation and how it works in practice.

There's still loads to learn for me here..

"Wir stehen selbst enttäuscht und sehn betroffen / Den Vorhang zu und alle Fragen offen." Bertolt Brecht, Der gute Mensch von Sezuan
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