Re: [ecasound] Why does liboil default to NO?

From: Philipp Überbacher <hollunder@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 11 2010 - 13:36:19 EEST

Excerpts from Kai Vehmanen's message of 2010-07-11 11:14:06 +0200:
> Hi,
> On Sat, 10 Jul 2010, Philipp wrote:
> > The dev/packager of my distro who took on improving the ecasound package
> > noticed that liboil defaults to NO. I offered to play relay.
> >
> > So: why does ecasound default to liboil = NO?
> > Is it sensible to enable it?
> yes, it's sensible to enable it. The reason why it's still by default
> disabled is that it's a fairly new feature (added to 2.7.0) and I wanted
> to get more testing'n'feedback before setting it as default.
> But it's almost a year since 2.7.0 and no issues found, so I think
> it's safe to say liboil is ready for wider use (-> to make it
> default).
> PS I just pushed acommit for this to the master git tree, so
> liboil will be used by default in the next (2.7.2) release...

Thanks Kai, I'll relay this message. The Arch Linux build of ecasound
will use liboil fairly soon probably.

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