Re: [ecasound] creating real-time output mp3

From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 21 2010 - 12:51:38 EEST

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 07:52:44AM +0100, zonyi besk wrote:
> Thanks so far,
> >I don't know what 'pv' does. However what you're proposing
> >looks possibly equivalent to this (not including effects).
> It does as the soundcard would stream the audio with correct speed.
> >However, say you want to mute the volume at a position of 10s.
> May was understandable sorry, it's in real time only. The pv does the
> realtime audio streaming instead of soundcard.
> So the mp3 coming out from pv would be go in the input of ecasound.
> The output would go to a fifo because this wat easy to handle even if
> ecasound in daemon mode.
> My questions just
> I start ecasound in daemon mode
> ecasound --daemon -a:1 -i fifo1.mp3 -a:2 -i fifo2.mp3 -a:1,2 -o outp.mp3 &
> cat foo1.mp3 | pv -L 128000 > fifo1.mp3
> cat foo2.mp3 | pv -L 128000 > fifo2.mp3
> Above are the streamings .
> I start it in via port 2868 with "t "
> Can I change the volume per channels during the playtime via port 2868. ?
> I couldnt solve yet that finished the mp3 playing what ai commands needed
> to load new input mp3 and start it ?
> It was always an error when i tried with command line.

I suggest you solve the problem with ecasound started from the
command line, then you adapt your solution verbatim to ecasound
running in daemon mode.

Start ecasound to use interactive mode commands. You
probably want to set the 'sum' mixmode:

     ecasound -c -z:mixmode,sum

To get the equivalent of:

     -a:1 -i fifo1.mp3 -a:2 -i fifo2.mp3 -a:1,2 -o outp.mp3 &

The following are exactly the same commands (untested)
you will use to control ecasound in daemon mode.

    cs-add setup1
    c-add 1
    ai-add fifo1.mp3
    c-add 2
    ai-add fifo2.mp3
    c-select 1,2
    ao-add outp.mp3
        aio-status # to see what you have, also 'fs'
    cs-is-valid # to make sure ecasound is happy

You also want volume controls:

    c-select 1
    cop-add -ea:100 # use -eadb:0 for logarithmic scale
    c-select 2
    cop-add -ea:100

Later you want to modify the settings:

    c-select 1
    cop-list # to see the list
    cop-select 1 # chain operator 1
    copp-select 1 # parameter 1
    copp-set 88 # quieter

If you want to start from a blank slate for the next set of files:

    cs-remove setup1
    cs-add setup2
    ..... # continue as above

Maybe fifo1.mp3 and fifo2.mp3 will stay the same, and you
only want to change the output:

    c-select 1,2
    ao-remove outp.mp3

Good luck. Beyond this, you'll need to read the excellent
manual pages (man ecasound, man ecasound-iam) read the
Ecasound user's guide, and search the mailing archives.

Hope that helps,

> Thanks,
> Regards,
> Zol

Joel Roth
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