[ecasound] creating streamingable audio mixed audio files in real time.

From: zonyi besk <zolbeso@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 00:14:16 EEST

Hello Members,

I'm new to the list, sorry for the beginner question, have to build a
real-time audio streaming app, and for the audio process I would try
I have to get a mixed mp3 output file.
The input files are 2 mp3 file = 2 channel , uploaded to a server.
Controls : volume pitch, equalizer, fading
The problem it shoul'd be in real time, when the user control the volume
pitchper channels etc could be heard the result in the client's flash

For that purpose I would use ecasound on linux vps
The first problem as it's a vps without sound device have to use sth so as
the output wav files would made in real time with normal speed as if it was

My questions are:

So will work for that purpose alsa or jack or some similar instead of sound
Will not overload the capabilities of the vps?
How can I make streamingable file from the output wav file?
The steaming tool would flash media server, or nothing this case a simple
mp3/flv without streaming, loaded directly from client's flash.

Thanks for the answers,

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