Re: [ecasound] Children Of Lir CD Release Announcement. Produced solely with ecasound (almost)...

From: Nils Doormann <>
Date: Fri May 21 2010 - 01:52:05 EEST

Hi Joel,

thanks a lot for your warm words ;-) I like your minimal site, too.

> I'm interested to know more about your production tools.
> Thinking that your Ecascripts might give me some inspirations
> for functions or approaches to use.

Calling the bunch of bash scripts 'production tools' would certainly be too much, but in a way you're right, because it's just the tools I use. However, I'm planning to set up a little site, where I'm going to describe the whole approach in detail along with some screenshots, files to download etc..

For now I will give a brief summary. I use a script "mkeca" that generates a bash script as a project file from externally recorded mono wav files contained in the current directory. In this script a single bash command is being built depending on certain conditions. The command is to be executed in the end of the script. What exactly will be executed is set directly within the script. In a way the whole project is just bash with some coding conventions.

You may grab the collection at:

The main feature to me is that it totally integrates with the every-day use of my mostly terminal-driven linux. From a more philosophical point of view, it's less the program(s) but more the way of how to use the whole environment.

Just tell me, if there are any questions about it.

All the best,


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