Re: [ecasound] Question: is it a bug, a feature or necessary evil ?

From: Artur <arus@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 13 2010 - 10:59:44 EEST


Poniższą wiadomość napisał(a) Julien Claassen <>w dniu 12.04.2010 18:09:

> Hello Artur!
> Are you sure, that you get 1024 samples or just a file of some size?

A file of size, which coresponds to exactly 1024 samples (1024 bytes for u8 1 channel, 2048 bytes for s16_le 1 channel, 2048 bytes for u8 2 channels etc.). Header of output wav also contains information about 1024 samples. All bytes are 0. It happens also, when outputing to .raw, so it is probably not caused by any third-party audio libraries.
Important note - it does not happen, when reading from empty wav file, but when data come for example from "null", pipe or unix socket (to be more precise - when data is supposed to come from "null", pipe or unix socket).
As I mentioned - it is not anything important, so I don't want anybody to waste the time if there isn't any visible reason at the first look.


> That would be udnerstandable. If you launch the engine, I think the
> files get touched or even filled with the basic wav-header.
> I don't know, if this is a "necessary evil", but I guess it increases
> speed, when really starting up and making sure everything is in order. I
> think you could connect this behaviour to start, but then you would have
> to do checks everytime you start. This way you only have to do it once.
> That's my guessing/reasoning.
> Kindest regards
> Julien
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