[ecasound] Bug: -i:resample and -y

From: Artur <arus@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 21 2010 - 20:29:01 EET


Specifying start position (option -y) when using object type 'resample' gives
unexpected results. In the following case:

ecasound -f:s16_le,1,96000 -i:resample,44100,file.wav -y:startpos -o:out.wav

startpos must be specified as wanted_startpos*44100/96000. Otherwise if you
specify -y:30, processing will start not 30, but 30*96000/44100=65 seconds
from the beginning of file.wav.
Ecasound version is 2.7.1. The same happens for resample-hq and resample-lq.


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