Re: [ecasound] lot of warning with chmute

From: Dubphil <dubphil@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Mar 15 2010 - 21:27:58 EET

Le 15/03/2010 19:54, Joel Roth a écrit :
> Well, you can have any number of amplification operators in
> the chain! One you can toggle between 0 and 100, the other
> you can set to the volume you like.

ok I did not think of this

> For your interest, Nama does have a mute function. It cuts
> in and out gradually, and also is used at transport
> start/stop so the sound tapers smoothly.
> I implemented it by saving and restoring the original volume
> value, however, I like this idea of using a separate -ea (or
> -eadb) operator for muting. It would simplify things a bit.
> I can look at your .ecs file. An explanation of what
> you want to accomplish might also help.
> There is a good chance Nama can provide the signal flow
> that you want.
> Nowadays, Nama has two kinds of buses: Send buses are mainly
> for instrument monitors, and sub buses for grouping signals
> together. It also has post-fader inserts for running signals
> through JACK clients or external effects boxes. I am just
> finishing up code that will allow pre-fader inserts as well,
> although somewhat lacking what the Perl community calls
> "tuits" (as in I'll get around to it<groan>)
it is exactly what I need Joel !

here is my script joint.



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