Re: [ecasound] lot of warning with chmute

From: Dubphil <dubphil@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Mar 15 2010 - 10:10:04 EET

Joel Roth a écrit , Le 15/03/2010 08:17:
> Hi Philippe,
> According to the docs, the -chmute parameter is a channel
> number.
> Probably you are not getting the result you want if
> you are expecting -chmute to behave as an on/off function
> taking zero as an argument, which your -km range assignment
> (0,2) suggests.
> The warning looks right to me, since you are assigning
> zero to from_channel.

Thanks Joel, what do I need to give to the km range values parameters
then ?

-km:1.00,0.00,0.00,60.00,1.00 ?

Sorry for not seeing this obvious.



PS: Joel, I have tested Namma, but it is not suited to my .ecs script
(or I did not find the way to achieve it), would you mind tell me if it
could be done with my .ecs ? If you are ok I will send you my script.

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