Re: [ecasound] 2.7.0 release

From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 10:16:40 EET

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 11:02:51PM -0500, Igor Gueths wrote:
> Hi all. Does anyone know where I might obtain the Ecasound-2.7.0 release? The
> link off the download page appears to be broken, and both the
> Git repositories appear to be inaccessible. Apologies if this has been discussed
> on the list before; however, a cursory search of the list archives did not turn
> up anything. ON a side note, does the 2.7.0 release happen to support native
> square wave generation via the tone input? Thanks.


All mirrors that I could find appear to be down. :-(

Strange that both git repositories are also
unable to git-clone.

If you can't find anything more recent, here is a copy:

I don't know anything about the square wave generation. I'm
sure there are many synthesis tools you can find to help
you with that part.

Sending best wishes for Kai, and that Ecasound's
infrastructure can come back online soon.


> --
> Igor

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