[ecasound] pyeca creating extra empty .wav files when recording?

From: peter clarke <peterslistening@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Nov 21 2009 - 15:41:40 EET

I am using the python interface to ecasound to record short clips from
microphone for a language learning program.

I have just hit a new problem, and I'm not sure why this has just
started happening. After initialising by creating a chainsetup, chain
and input routing, I am using a sequence of commands like this:

cs-select rec_chainsetup
c-select 1st_chain
ao-add myfile1.wav
<make the recording>
ao-get-length (because I need to know the length of the recording)

All that works fine. After that, I do some post-processing and
convert the file to another format, so myfile1.wav is eventually

However, when I do the same sequence again for the next recording
(myfile2.wav), ecasound creates an extra, empty (only header: 44
bytes) .wav file with the same name as the first time, i.e.
myfile1.wav. The third time, it creates 2 empty .wav files, and so
on. They keep multiplying.

I wondered if this was because I never actually ao-remove the first
file from the chain. So, I tried doing that immediately after
cs-disconnect. However, now when I try to make the second recording,
I get a 'broken pipe' error.

What am I doing wrong? Why has this problem suddenly appeared? (I
don't think I have changed the sequence of commands recently.) I am
using ecasound in Ubuntu 8.10.

Peter Clarke

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