Re: [ecasound] replaygain with ecasound

From: Antonio P. P. Almeida <perusio@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 19:59:22 EET

On 16 Nov 2009 11h55 WET, edo.paskino@email-addr-hidden wrote:

> Hallo Julien,
> the answer is: in a frequency sense. In particular, I know what is
> the cut of the filter at each frequency by means of a function. For
> instance I know that at 100Hz it cuts -3dB and at 110Hz it cuts
> 2.5dB and so forth.
> So I can provide what is the cut of the filter in the range 20-20000
> Hz in steps of, say 100 Hz.
> I hope I clarified my point
> Thank you very much

Hello Edoardo,

Like Julien wrote there's always the possibility of using a more
"granular" tool. You can use Snd, for instance,
which allows sample level processing in the frequency domain.

If you're using a Linux distribution there's bound to be a Snd
package for you to install. In debian is called snd-gtk.

Snd requires using Guile (Scheme), Ruby or Forth.

But if I understand correctly I think that you can get the effect you
want by using one of the several filter operators it provides.

There's an example in the docs for ecassound interactive where a
low-pass brickwall filter gets its cuttoff frequency shifted every

Does this suits you? Or do you need to implement a filter with a
specific transfer function? If it's the later then you'll have to use Snd,
or CLM, or csound like Julien suggested.


--- appa

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