Re: [ecasound] replaygain with ecasound

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 14:14:56 EET

Hello Edoardo!
   OK, so it seems you need s special filter plugin, that can do the job for
you. Would a standard filter be good enough for you. There are the Glame
Filter plugins, LADSPA unique ID around 1890-1894 or 95. There are lp, hp, bp
and so on. You can tell the filter how many poles it should have and you can
define the cutoff.
   Another possibility would be an EQ, with finer grained control over certain
bands. There the FIL plugin by Fons Adriaenson. It has four bands with
adjustable bandwith, frequency, gain and you can ask them to be on or off. You
could use this plugin a couple of times to implement the curve you need.
   Beyond that, I know that there's JaMIN, which is graphical, but also has a
graphical EQ, which, I thik, you can control very finely.
   Or if you want to stay text-based and do batch-processing, you could go on
to csound or CLM. Both synthesizer programming languages. But you can write
instruments - something of a processing script - to get your job done. They
both possess a lot of filters, envelope functions and more to adjust
everything you need.
   I know a bit about csound, so if all the ecasound suggestions don't meet
your needs, I might give you a simple example of how to implement something,
that filters a soundfile for you. I't s not too dificult.
   I hope that helps a bit.
   Kindest regards

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