Re: [ecasound] AAC batch conversion with Ecasound?

From: Xavier G <j@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Oct 29 2009 - 13:50:43 EET


We are using ecasound for 4 yeras now and love it :)

We have a question :

Our website members are uploading large mp3 audio files days after days on
our servers.
We currently try to convert on the fly these mp3 files once uploaded with
ecasound to aac files

We use this command
for i in mp3/*; do ecasound -i resample,96000,$i -o aac/`basename $i
.mp3`.aac; done

The result is fine, but it seems we get aac files encoded with vbr

Is there anything to do in the command or in the settings to get constant
bitratre instead of variable?

Thanks a lot

Xavier Galliot

find below the content of out ecasounrc file :

ecasound-version =
midi-device = rawmidi,/dev/midi
default-output = autodetect
default-audio-format = s16_le,2,44100,i
rates = false
default-to-interactive-mode = false
default-mix-mode = avg
bmode-defaults-nonrt = 1024,false,50,false,100000,true
bmode-defaults-rt = 1024,true,50,true,100000,true
bmode-defaults-rtlowlatency = 256,true,50,true,100000,false
resource-directory = /usr/share/ecasound2.2/ecasound
resource-file-genosc-envelopes = generic_oscillators
resource-file-effect-presets = effect_presets
ladspa-plugin-directory = /usr/lib/ladspa
ext-cmd-text-editor = pico
ext-cmd-text-editor-use-getenv = true
ext-cmd-wave-editor = ecawave
ext-cmd-mp3-input = mpg123 --stereo -r %s -b 0 -q -s -k %o %f
ext-cmd-mp3-output = lame -b %B -s %S -x -S - %f
ext-cmd-ogg-input = ogg123 -d raw -o byteorder:%E --file=- %f
ext-cmd-ogg-output = oggenc -b %B --raw --raw-bits=%b --raw-chan=%c
--raw-rate=%s --raw-endianness 0 --output=%f -
ext-cmd-mikmod = mikmod -d stdout -o 16s -q -f %s -p 0 --noloops %f
ext-cmd-timidity = timidity -Or1S -id -s %s -o - %f
ext-cmd-flac-input = flac -d -c %f
ext-cmd-flac-output = flac -o %f -f --force-raw-format --channels=%c
--bps=%b --sample-rate=%s --sign=%I --endian=%E -
ext-cmd-aac-input = faad -w -b 1 -f 2 -d %f
ext-cmd-aac-output = faac -P -o %f -R %s -b 96 -C %c -

2009/7/15 Xavier G <j@email-addr-hidden>

> Hi, we have ecasound installed on our file server with 1 T of mp3 files.
> We need to convert all our mp3 files (mostely 100 Mo mp3 files) in AAC
> 96kbps.
> Is there a way to do it in batch with ecasound?
> If not does anybody have a alternate solution?
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Javier

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