[ecasound] 2.7.0 release candidate available

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Oct 11 2009 - 18:36:30 EEST


unless something critical is found, this snapshot will become the
2.7.0 release.

I was tempted to add still a few features (especially adding cop-bypass,
as proposed by Ashley Gittins), but I run out of time today, so maybe
better to first get 2.7.0 out.

Release candidate available at:

Changes (git-shortlog) since last snasphot:

Adam Linson (1):
       eca-control: Add cop-get ECI command

Kai Vehmanen (20):
       manpages: Updated descriptions of "quit" and "-eadb"
       kvutils: Change criteria for policy capability checks
       eca-chainsetup: Fix defaults for nonrt buffering mode
       eca-chainsetup: Adjust checks for rt capabilities
       Revert "Output to stdout instead of stderr from ECA_LOGGER_DEFAULT"
       eca-logger-default: Add generic ostream support
       ecasound: Clean up code for -D/-q/-o:stdout init
       configure: added --with-extra-cppflags and --with-extra-libs
       samplebuffer: Extended is_almost_equal()
       manual-tests: Added ecacompare utility to compare audio files
       manual-test: run ecacompare even if file length differs
       manual-tests: Get rid of the md5sum based test verification
       manpages: fixed link to OSC interface desc in ecasound(1)
       eca-chainsetup: Check edit parameters
       manual-tests: Interactive module test for OSC interface
       manual-tests: Add osc_test1.expect to test suite
       manual-tests: Update misc-test-apps README.txt
       doc: Add cop-get to ecasound-iam(1)
       misc: Update AUTHORS and NEWS
       eca-control: Improve parameter checks for cop-set and cop-get

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