Re: [ecasound] server option questions

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Oct 01 2009 - 23:13:28 EEST


On Wed, 30 Sep 2009, Klaus Schulz wrote:

>> hmm, that's a good question. In current implementation, it just
>> terminates the remote client connection, but not the server process
> 1. The issue I have with this. If I want to setup a new process from remote  for working with
> a new track I have to kill the ecasound process manually.
>    It would be much nicer and easier to do that through the server option.

yes, I can see the usefulness of this. Although terminating ecasound with
a SIGTERM sent to the process is a clean way as well. You'll anyways get
the PID when you start the ecasound server instance, so it should be
fairly straighforward to use it to terminate the process as well.

> 2. It is somewhat inconsistent to interactive
> 3. It is not described properly

these are good points. I now updated ecasound-iam(1) documentation to
explain the behaviour in more detail.

> OK. Just tried it.  It still works. It's not in the man-pages though.  
> Tricky: If we talk

Hmm, are you sure you have the git manpages installed? I just checked
and the git sources for ecasound(1) do mention -eadb.

> about "gain" as a function you need to enter a negative db value to
> attenuate, which is the number one use-case . This can lead to problems
> ( See your example). Entering a +12db is done easily and will generate a
> quite a bit of clipping not only in your ears.. Of course I know that
> the user should know what he is doing.

That's true and I now added more text to ecasound(1) to describe the
behaviour of -eadb as well.

What do others say about this? Personally, I'm not sure whether
attenuation is the number use-case. Plus the chainop is called "amplify"
so that suggests that the default behaviour is to amplify. But then again,
I'm fine with using linear scale as well, so maybe I'm not best person to
comment on this...

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