Re: [ecasound] server option questions

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Sep 29 2009 - 22:08:52 EEST


On Tue, 29 Sep 2009, Klaus Schulz wrote:

> 1. I was wondering if an  "echo -e "quit\r\n" | nc -w1 localhost 2868" is be supposed to kill
> the process.
>    It is just working in interactive mode as I expected, but  not in server mode.

hmm, that's a good question. In current implementation, it just terminates
the remote client connection, but not the server process itself. I'm not
sure if this should be changed... any insights?

> 2. Stop is rather a "pause" as I see it!? Is there a real "Stop" going
> back to position 0?

Yes, stop is like a tape recorder stop: tape stops rolling, state is
preserved and tape is not ejected (so it's still ready for immediate use).

If you want to go to position zero and start again, "stop" and "setpos 0"
will do the trick.

> 3. What's the difference between  engine-halt and stop? 

The former halts and exits the engine thread. To continue the tape
recorder metaphor, 'engine-halt' would be like ejecting the tape and
powering off the tape recorder. The tape (=ecasound chainsetup) can be
edited with other tools.

Hopefully not too many people need to bother with 'engine-halt' and
'engine-launch', and their semantics, but in some cases they are needed.
For instance when using JACK, 'engine-launch' registers ecasound with the
JACK server while 'engine-halt' tears down the connection. This is
important especially when syncing to JACK transport state ("stop" in
ecasound may be overridden by "start" in some other JACK application). By
disconnecting from the engine (with "engine-halt"), this can be
temporarily avoided.

But yeah, these are not really intended for wider use. For most
use-scenarios, plain "start" and "stop" should be sufficient.

> I am running 2.7.0 git.
> 4. What happened to the "eadb" option?

It's still there (e.g. "-eadb:3"), and there have been no changes
to it recently (since April to be precise).

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