[ecasound] Multitrack Recording via Control Interface

From: Markus Luttenberger <m.luttenberger@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Aug 12 2009 - 16:00:36 EEST


I recently discovered Ecasound as a handy tool for my problem. I need to
record sound (voice only) from different sound cards on one computer.
This command line does the job:

ecasound -a:1 -i alsahw,1,0 -o ./test1.wav -a:2 -i alsahw,2,0 -o ./test2.wav

Now I wanted to develop a small C++ user interface around it but my
commands don't work. Either the program does nothing or it hangs. This
is what I've got so far:

>>>>> SNIP >>>>>

int sources = 3; // user input

// construct ECA control interface and configure it for recording
const string current_time(getCurrentTime());

e.command("cs-add recording_chainsetup");

for (int count = 1; count <= sources; count++)
     const char source_no = '0' + count;
     // the command chain
     e.command("c-add " + source_no);
     // the HW input source
     e.command("ai-add alsahw," + source_no + ',' + '0');
     // output file name
     e.command("ao-add ./" + current_time + "-s" + source_no + ".wav");

//e.command("c-select all"); // -> program hangs when enabled
cout << "Starting recording...\n";

while (1)
     if (e.last_string() != "running")

cerr << "Chain operator status: " << e.last_string() << endl;
cout << "Error: " << e.last_error() << endl;

<<<<< SNAP <<<<<

This code follows the example as found in the Ecasound Control Interface
Guide. I don't know if I need the chain setup "recording_chainsetup"
because I don't needed it in the command line. Some commands seem to
have no effect at all?! (e.g. "c-list", "c-status")

This is my output:

>>>>> SNIP >>>>>

* Message from libecasoundc:
* 'ECASOUND' environment variable not set. Using the default value
* value 'ECASOUND=ecasound'.

Starting recording...
Chain operator status: ### Chain operator status (chainsetup
'recording_chainsetup') ###


<<<<< SNAP <<<<<

So, what am I doing wrong?

Also, on a side note, how serious will be the synchronisation issue
between these recordings? I've read that the speed can alternate due
latency and slightly different sampling rates.


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