[ecasound] cannot lock down memory for RT thread

From: Dubphil <dubphil@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jun 20 2009 - 14:11:13 EEST

Hello all,

I come back to linux audio after a weird hd crash, I had to build my
sound-system from scratch and unfortunately things are not working as
previously :(

I got this error when I run ecasound -c and do a cs-load with my ecs file :

cannot lock down memory for RT thread

I can't remember if this was always here before or not, I use a RT
enabled kernel and I run jack (by qjackctl) with the RT param and unlock
memery checked. Does this means that ecasound doesn't use RT then ?

PS: I'm on progress to use Nama Joel ;)

Best regards

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