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> I mean that compilation step is used to test component integration but it
should be done once by the open source team and not
> by the final users themselves before testing the software ... I know that,
by now, this is still a time consuming task and requires
> specialized skills. I hope that, in the near future, this will become a
trivial task.

The following lines describes some work that has been done on package
generation and compatibility between Major Linux distribution.

I hope this can help :).

debian, RPM or slackware package generated from a tar.gz and installed with
checkinstall (in place of make install):
The generated package does not compute dependencies automatically but can be
passed through command line parameters.

You can control the dependencies management with the "--requires",
"--provides" and "--conflicts" command line options.
You can also make manual editions to the control file with
"--review-control". Or with "--review-spec" if you're building a rpm
And yes, you can build a .deb when running on a rpm-based distribution or
viceversa. You'll have to install dpkg (or rpm) on your system, though.

Converting package of one source distribution to a target distribution
(several package formats are supported. alien support LSB spec. Some RPM or
debian features should not be converted. It should be ok in most cases ...)
with alien:

Linux Standard Base and LSB Certification (package for all linux

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