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From: éléandar <eleandar@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 09 2009 - 09:50:36 EEST

> Planet CCRMA is pretty complete right "out of the box".
I'm sure it is ! Windows system doesn't need a special distribution for a
task. Where is the need for linux ? Could it be a set of distribution
package ?

> Distribution does not include latest development in their repository and
> sometimes annoying bugs are included. If i want the latest version for
> my distribution version, i must rely on unofficial repositories ...

 From what I can tell, Planet CCRMA is pretty up to date. I don't know
> about all the programs, but they seem to have pretty current ecasound
> versions. And this is from their regular repositories. I don't recall
> any major bugs in the years I've been running Planet CCRMA.

Well, every time a new distribution version is happening, they claims they
have latest stable version but they includes also a lot of new features that
introduce a lot of bug too. The point is that in six month or one year ...
This version will no longer be up to date !

> I've no way to get or update my setup to the best set of stable
> > component version available (apart from switching to another version of
> > the distribution which should have tested the package for me and ensure
> > me stability ... i've a doubt about this ... so is it really a solution
> > ? - even more: change distribution version is time consuming -).

The user will have two solutions: install new distribution version or rely
on unofficial repository. May be it's different for CCRMA, i wish to know.
it should be possible to have a long term (five years for example)
distribution version that ensure security, system updates and provide
repositories for:
     - latest "stable"
     - testing version in order to test the next candidate for stable
     - latest development version (for testing)
of our favorite software ?
For best, every distribution should have to be synchronized by the audio
open source foundation ...

> > I'm dreaming of a community of audio software teams delivering
> > components based on an overall project plan (all working based on the
> > same component versions) in order to increase the stability of the
> > overall solution.
> >
> > We could have a single official repository for major distribution
> > versions with latest stable audio package :)
> >
> > This kind of organization or development efforts should leverage the
> > quality of linux audio apps and give better feelings to the beginners
> > and perhaps also create professional interest for linux audio capability
> > if not yet !
> Is this something you're working on, or would just like to see happen?
I'm a linux user and an open source enthousiastic as well as a professional.
Yes, I would like to see it happen.

Like linux kernel; GNU, firefox, MySQL or openoffice, audio applications
needs industry interest to evolve.
But in a first time, they must demonstrate strength to the industry ... The
port of jack to MAC OSX is a first step and the good path. It's very
important to create multi platform audio software to raise more money and
interest from the industry and users and also to get more developpers
involved. It should also in the mean time create more interest for linux

Right now, i've not heard of audio multi-platform open source initiative.
But as far as i understood there was/is? a port project of Jack for windows
system - not yet realised -.

The meaning of this is that linux audio software are not mature because they
haven't got - yet - a large community and a fundation to get money. Also, it
could be possible to include light publicity in softwares (GUI or command
line) to get money as in web page !

Don't be mistaken, i'm aware that the accomplished job is fantastic and
exciting ! Linux audio softwares offer facilities that i've not found in
windows software and that's free ! I'm eager to share my experience on linux
with my friends ! :)

Kindest Regards,

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