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From: Linux Media <linuxmedia4@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 08 2009 - 23:27:53 EEST

éléandar wrote:
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Ubuntu as also a linux distibution optimized for musical, graphic and
> video editing called Ubuntu Studio.
> In fact, i can install it using one command line ...
> sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio
> This will install a set of application and tools for musical production
> purpose and configure my ubuntu setup with defaults.
> What i'm trying to do is to know how things are working in order to
> setup a reliable and stable setup for musical production.
> In my case, i want to record live performance using audio and midi features.

Planet CCRMA is pretty complete right "out of the box".

> Distribution does not include latest development in their repository and
> sometimes annoying bugs are included. If i want the latest version for
> my distribution version, i must rely on unofficial repositories ...

 From what I can tell, Planet CCRMA is pretty up to date. I don't know
about all the programs, but they seem to have pretty current ecasound
versions. And this is from their regular repositories. I don't recall
any major bugs in the years I've been running Planet CCRMA.

Here's a list of current sound programs offered on the Fedora 10 version
of CCRMA (32bit):

> I've no way to get or update my setup to the best set of stable
> component version available (apart from switching to another version of
> the distribution which should have tested the package for me and ensure
> me stability ... i've a doubt about this ... so is it really a solution
> ? - even more: change distribution version is time consuming -).
> I'm dreaming of a community of audio software teams delivering
> components based on an overall project plan (all working based on the
> same component versions) in order to increase the stability of the
> overall solution.
> We could have a single official repository for major distribution
> versions with latest stable audio package :)
> This kind of organization or development efforts should leverage the
> quality of linux audio apps and give better feelings to the beginners
> and perhaps also create professional interest for linux audio capability
> if not yet !

Is this something you're working on, or would just like to see happen?


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