Re: [ecasound] schedule effects

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sat Jun 06 2009 - 19:46:28 EEST

   There are some good news. Finally jack behaves as it should.
   Well I don't know about alsa and arecord. but there are a few things, that I
can think of:
1. ALSA doesn't show xrun tat clearly
2. JACK has some very trying demands :-)
3. JACK adds to your system load
4. When you use ecasound, it's a different software all together, which in
itself is more than arecrod.

   But these are just thoughts.
   About your display: Well the display itself might not be the big trouble, it
will really be the synchronisation. MIDI uses a clock to sync to, in midish as
well. This clock is somekind of realtime clock, so it gives absolute timing
information somehow, as I understand it. So You can get the info there, but
you can't do a lot with it. To really sync, midish and ecasound must use a
common clocksource. Because it seems to be accepted, that all clocks, even
when they're good, drift. So in our case, midish would have to use JACK's
clock, because it's ecasound's reference. Or ecasound would have to use
midish's emitted MIDI clock (MTC). There were - as I mentioned in passing -
ideas on writing some program to bridge that deficit, but there's nothing
satisfying to my knowledge. Ardour can do it internally. I don't know about
muse, it can do it internally as well, I strongly suppose. But I don't know,
how it would sync to ardour. I suspect, because ardour supports MIDI file
handling, it must have MTC and thus it wasn't too much of a problem to offer
an outside sync.
   It's really the last big issue, I see with text-based audio software. Beyond
that, we have all the ingridience it takes to get a nice studio working. In
some instances text-based work can still require more patience and more ear,
but it generally works. Well, but that's just my opinion.
   Kindest regards

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