Re: [ecasound] schedule effects

From: laurent schwartz <schwartz.laurent@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jun 06 2009 - 12:06:44 EEST


I've found a ubuntu repository with last development versions of audio apps
and more:

deb hardy main
deb hardy-testing main

It saved me a lot of time :).

After some test, the jack version 0.116.2 seems to be quite more stable than
the 0.109.2.
I can use the windowing system (gnome) and alsaplayer running on mp3 files
on jack without xruns.

The default ubuntu kernel RT is ok.
The interrupt priorities have not been changed (is it possible ?)

I'm going to configure my system to use jack and pulseaudio on a regular
basis in order to test it on a long period. It will offer new audio
capability to my setup :).

I understand that xrun is synchronization problem with soundcard and
processing time required but when your are recording at the time you
perform, you want to be sure that your performance will be recorded cleanly
and safely.

When i use alsa "arecord" command for recording, i never encountered xruns
but jack did sometime for the same task on the same hardware ... I'm
wondering why or am i mistaken ?

Regarding the options to implement time secs/ms and measure/beat transport
position display:
option 1 - implement a script using "midish" output: Yes, i thought it could
be the path but i don't know how (my songs have a lot of time signature
change and it will take time to get this kind of script working ...). I'd
rather prefer to have this feature coded in midish for example and test it
option 2: use nama: Yes ! I'm trying to start it. It should run in a few

Kindest Regards,

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