Re: [ecasound] schedule effects

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sat Jun 06 2009 - 00:56:40 EEST

Hi Laurent!
   Well your setup is even newer than my current PC, or at least it's a bit
faster. The windowing system might hurt a bit though. Although I know of
people, who have roughly similar machines and a GUI and still do JACK and
audio. What's your kernel?
   From the midish-list I see, that you're running Ubuntu? Well I didn't test
it and Ihear, that a few mates on LAU have Ubuntu. I have Debian Lenny and I'm
happy with it.
   Btw.: Your mem usage is fine. JACK doesn't need a lot there. You might have
a look at all the programs running in the background, perhaps you can kill a
few of them (like sshd, apache,...). I don't know how much this helps.
Probably not too much.
   I always build my own kernels. It's an annoying thing while you're at it and
it takes time, because there are so many options and you have to read about a
few, but the result can be rather helpful.
   Let me ask this: Are you new to linux/uxin or just new to linux audio? If
the latter is the case, you won't have too many problems building a kernel, if
you so choose.
   Oh one last, obvious thing: Which version of JACKd do you have? If you start
by hand, it tells you, which version it is. If not jackd --version does it.
   Kindest regards

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