[ecasound] N-Chains, a terminal-based tcp client for Ecasound

From: Nils Doormann <nils@email-addr-hidden-cologne.de>
Date: Fri Jun 05 2009 - 22:14:36 EEST

Hello everybody,

I'm Nils and this is my first posting to this list.

I've recently started to work on a terminal-based tcp client for Ecasound.
The thing is called N-Chains. Anybody interested can find the first
(but pre-and-very-unstable) release on http://nchains.sourceforge.net.

It has some nice features yet, but there's still lots to do. It is kept
very minimalistic, the basic idea of it is to get some realtime and/or
easy-to-use control over several use cases.

Features included are:
- realtime volume control
- realtime panning
- virtual chain names
- easy-to-use playat,select,duration parameter setting
- realtime muting
- realtime soloing
- realtime position indication
- bouncing
- some other things

I have set the focus on using it as a mixing environment, because I used
myself a fostex machine for recording which delivers me wave files.
However, not testet yet, but theoretically, recording is possible, too, but
there is no sophisticated mechanism implemented by now, which would control
the use case.

The list of features to implement and issues to handle has already grown
very long, I'm trying to work it out...

I'd be happy to get some feedback in order to determine the direction of
improvement on any part of it including code, doc, packaging etc..

Many thanks for your attention and kind regards,


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