Re: [ecasound] Transport information in text mode

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jun 05 2009 - 00:46:32 EEST


On Thu, 4 Jun 2009, Joel Roth wrote:

>> [console 1]
>> sh> ecasound -c --daemon <options>
>> [console 2]
>> sh> ecamonitor
> Very neat! Is the server mode available through ECI as well?

almost, but in practise not -- some glue code is missing from here and
there. The daemon protocol is basicly a simple mapping of ECI over a
socket connection:

But it has been stuck at kind of proof-of-concept level with ecamonitor
being the only app. Interesting use-cases that are not yet possible:

1) allowing to control/monitor an ECI app via the socket
    connection (e.g. use ecamonitor with a Nama instance)

2) using the existing ECI bindings to control/monitor
    an existing ecasound instance (e.g. implement ecamonitor type
    of apps using the existing ECI bindings)

... now both are technically easy to accomplish (building blocks are
already there), but there are some practical issues. The biggest problem
is that there is no interface in the ECI bindings for the application to
communicate the params for (1) and (2) modes of operation. And adding a
new interface is not entirely straightforward as doing it right would
require updating all the bindings (e.g. new arguments to eci_init() or
equivalent in other language bindings).

One option would be to just use environment variables to configure these
things (i.e. similar to how ECI apps can define ECASOUND variable to
select which binary to run). Not the most elegant way, but most definitely
the least obstructive. One hacking way to accomplish (1) is to launch
ECI apps with first defining ECASOUND="ecasound --daemon". This does

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