Re: [ecasound] schedule effects

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 01:57:05 EEST

Hi Laurent!
   I can think of several ways:
1. Use the controller options, for example -klg:
ecasound -i in.wav -o out.wav -etd:250,2,2,50,50
   Change parameter 4, which I believe is mix-%, so the volume of the effect.
The mix-% range for the klg to adjust should be between 0 and 50. Use five
points in time to notate the change. Then the points in time and the value
(scaled to 0 to 1) for the volume.
0s 0 mix-% value = 0
60s 0 mix-%
60.67s 1 mix-% value = 50
70.67s 1 mix-%
71s 0 mix-%
   Not very useable for all effects, because some don't have a mix parameter.

2. Use different tracks and work with volume:
ecasound -a:1 -i in.wav -ea:100
-klg:1,0,00,5,0,1,60,1,60.67,0,70.67,0,71,1 -a:2 -in.wav -etd:250,2,2,50,50
-ea:200 -klg:1,0,100,5,0,0,60,0,60.67,1,70.67,1,71,0 -a:all -o out.wav
   I use two chains (named 1 and 2), both have the same input. One has the
delay and one doesn't have. Now I insert a simple aplifier and just move the
virtual sliders so, that normally the dry track is there and only between
60.67s and 70.67s the delayed track is there. It looks more cumbersome, but
can be used for all effects. I used -ea:200 in chain 2, becuase inserting a
delay (-etd) lowers the track volume. In my experience with these settings is
roughly half the original volume.

3. You can do both of the above solution with MIDI. Only exchange the -klg:...
option with all its parameters for something like:
   Change parameter 4, the mix-%, use range of 0 to 50, use midi-controller and
midi channel one. That should be the modwheel of every keyboard. It gets you a
more life feeling.

   There are certainly more solutions to that question. You can use ecasound in
connection with python or ruby, you can start ecasound in daemon mode and do
something nasty with telnet or netcat and shell scripts (bash, csh, zsh,
whatever you like) or you could use Nama and use some of its advanced
features. Nama, as you might have seen, is a frontend to ecasound. It has both
a text interface (a bit similar to ecasound) and a graphical user interface.
   I hope that helps in leading you along the right path. One of them at
   Kindest regards
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