[ecasound] problem with long command line parsing?

From: Jason Galyon <jgalyon@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 19:04:14 EEST

I have an interesting problem where if I use this line:
/opt/local/bin/ecasound -a:0
-a:0,1,2,3 -o /Users/jayson/tmp/pymgen_tmp/GZC24e/audio-Et9gws.aac

I receive the following error:
ecasound: ERROR: [ECA-SESSION] : "Audio object '-o' does not match any
of the known audio device types or file formats. You can check the list
of supported audio object types by issuing the command 'aio-register' in
ecasound's interactive mode."

However, if I shorten the last bit (the -o output) to something like
'/Users/jayson/tmp/foo.aac' it works great.

I am looking at more verbose output but so far do not see anything.

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