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From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Dec 27 2008 - 22:27:37 EET

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 08:14:33PM +0100, Dubphil wrote:
> Hello ecasounders !
> in this time of christmas, I would like to make to Santa Kai a feature
> request ;)
> would it be feasible to add to ecasound the ability to record the
> controllers events within the time ?
> this would be a command like that :
> > ctrl-record-start file.ect
> > ctrl-record-stop
> then the file.ect could be played like that :
> > ctrl-play file.ect
> > ctrl-stop

Hi Philippe,

If I understand you correctly, you're saying that if you're
using knobs on a MIDI control surface to adjust an Ecasound
chain operator parameter via a controller (via the -km
option), that you want to be able to record and replay those
manipulations as part of the performance.

I've been adding extra functionality _outside_ Ecasound,
using Perl (available in Nama, an Ecasound front-end
provided with the module Audio::Ecasound::Multitrack.)

Right now I can see how to record _effect parameter_ changes
with time stamps and then replay them, for example changes
in volume made using a GUI slider.

To support Ecasound controller changes via MIDI
I would need to either:

1- intercept the MIDI messages
on their way to Ecasound, sending similar messages
to Ecasound during playback, or

2- receive MIDI messages
myself and interpret them to alter the target parameters,
replacing the -km mechanism entirely.

It looks like the second approach will be easier.

The perl module MIDI::Music can read from and write to
/dev/music, using the OSS API. However the docs for the
module (dated 2001) say it can report the delay in the time
of the received message only with the commercial version of

I am curious whether using ALSA OSS emulation of /dev/music
current hardware and processing the messages via Perl will
provide sufficiently fast response.

There seems to be a lot of interest in using
MIDI with Ecasound... hope to see more progress
in this area.



> Best regards
> Philippe
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