Re: [ecasound] Bug saving to mp3

From: Jan Weil <Jan.Weil@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Nov 13 2008 - 18:19:47 EET

Hi Carlos,

Am Donnerstag, den 13.11.2008, 05:58 -0200 schrieb Carlos Pita:
> That went fine. Same for other output formats, like flac or aiff. But
> when the turn comes to mp3, I get the output:
> - [ Engine init - Driver start ]
> -----------------------------------------------
> (eca-engine) Request start
> (audioio-mp3) Starting to encode my_file2.mp3 with lame.
> (audioio-forked-stream) Fork child-for-write: 'lame -b 128 -s 44.10 -x
> -S - %f'
> (eca-engine) starting engine operation!
> (audioio-mp3) Attempt to write after child process has terminated.
> (eca-engine) output error - stop
> (eca-engine) stopping engine operation!
> (eca-engine) Signaling stop
> (eca-engine) Signaling exit
> (eca-engine) WARNING: An output object has raised an error! Possible
> causes: Out
> ... of disk space, permission denied, unable to launch external
> applications needed in
> ... processing, etc.
> (eca-engine) Engine state when finishing: 4
> (eca-control-base) Engine thread 14475 will exit.
> I tried some 2.4.x versions of ecasound with the same result. My lame
> version is 3.98.2.
> Any ideas?

the exact lame command ecasound uses to encode mp3 can be configured
in .ecasound/ecasoundrc. Have a look at this file (and man ecsaoundrc)
and find out whether this command also fails when issued on the command
line. Maybe ecasound cannot find lame in its path. You could try to add
the absolute path to ecasoundrc.



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