[ecasound] Ramp down of Ecasound Development Item practise

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Sep 28 2008 - 18:49:44 EEST

Hello everybody,

after six (*) years of (edi-x) tags, it's time to ramp this down. Quoting
the related git commit:

     The practise of tracking Ecasound Development Items
     was used more or less actively during 2002-08 in
     Ecasound development. This has now come to an end and
     all remaining items have been transfered to a web
     based tracker at sourceforge.net.

     This commit adds references for all migrated development
     items and updated the documentation to reflect
     the new situation.

In practise the whole EDI thing didn't really work all that well. Unlike
some more well-known examples (like Python PEPs, or XMPP XEPs), EDIs were
mostly a tool I used to archive and categorize feature/bug discussions
that occured on this list. Although all EDI material was in the git tree,
it was hard for others to contribute/maintain, or to a degree just to
browse, the items.

The feature/bugs themselves are as valid as ever, so I've today
migrated them all to sf.net and they are now available at:


... I know many people are not that fond of the sourceforge.net tracker,
but it's easy to maintain and keep up, and with current level of usage
(couple of updates per year ;)), it's quite sufficient for Ecasound.

Feel free to add items, and comment old ones. If someone is interested in
helping to maintain the tracker, let me know and I'll add you sufficient
admin rights.

(*) Here's the first mail about EDIs in 2001:

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