Re: [ecasound] strategy for RT commands that produce audio dropouts?

From: francis keyes <fkeymo@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 01:53:17 EEST

Hi Kai,

>> I read in Ecasound's manpage that it is not possible to use the
>> ctrl-select command on a
>> connected chain setup without an audio dropout. Does that mean
>> there is no way to change
>> controller parameters in real time without an audio dropout?
> that's indeed true, "ctrl-select" is not part of the RT-safe command
> set, and thus the engine is disconnected while the command is run.
> However, there is no technical obstacle for changing this (i.e.
> making "ctrl-select" RT-safe). So I'll put this on the todo-list...

That is amazing. Thank you so much!

>PS I haven't yet looked at the possibly problem you raised with "-kx"
>in another mail...

Please disregard that. I found the problem tonight, and it was simply my
error. I didn't realize that the "-kx" option would have to be given
separately from the "ctrl-add" command in interactive mode. I was trying
to do "-kx ctrl-add -kos:4,1,5,0.5,0" for the second controller. Once I
started giving the "-kx" command first on its own things started working

Thanks so much,


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