Re: [ecasound] JACK port naming [patch]

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 01:51:11 EEST


On Tue, 9 Sep 2008, Oliver Oli wrote:

[what to do with jack_generic]
> Could we deprecate jack_alsa?

I'm afraid not... I've been using it in all possible places
(documentation, examples, ..) since early JACK support, so it's impossible
to get rid of now.

When 'jack_alsa' was added, JACK was Linux only and also ALSA-only. Of
course now this seems really dated. A more generic solution would be to
have 'jack_physical', which would connect to first client, which has
matching physical ports ("alsa_pcm" on Linux/ALSA, "coreaudio" on OS X and
"freebob_pcm" Freebob Fireware devices). This can be implemented as JACK
defines a "physical" port property, which JACK clients can advertise.

Of course, having too many options might lead to confusion as well (jack,
jack_alsa, jack_physical, jack_generic, ...).

But "jack_physical" would definitely be a useful addition, as it allows
moving scripts and saved setups from one system to another (let's say
from Linux to OS X). None of the other alternatives allow this (well,
except "jack", but then you have to connect the ports yourself).

> And why not give jack and jack_generic the same options, deprecate
> jack_generic (but keep it available for some more years) and simplify
> everything to:
> jack
> jack,local_portprefix
> jack,local_portprefix,remote_client

Hmm, this actually sounds very sensible. So existing "jack_generic" would
continue to work as it is, but marked deprecated. "jack" without params
would remain the same, but as a new feature, you could define the local
prefix (with Dominic's patch applied so numbering would be per portprefix)
plus an optional auto-connect destination.

With this change "jack_alsa" and "jack_auto" became just shorthands (that
may be deprecated, but I think we need to keep these around anyways as
they are much more widely used/marketed than "jack_generic").

Can anyone point any fatal flaws in this?

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