Re: [ecasound] beginner's question

From: Oliver Oli <oliver.oli+0815@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Aug 24 2008 - 01:15:21 EEST

Hello Julien,

of course using Ambisonics for panning stereo is not needed. This was
more my first steps in trying Ambisonics with ecasound. The problem
was related the last LADSPA bug Kai fixed.

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 2:24 PM, Julien Claassen <> wrote:
> Why take this twisted route after all?
> There are the ecasound -chmix, -chmove, -chcopy options.
> ecasound -i:jack_auto,Cog -o jack_alsa -chcopy:1,2 -epp:100
> or even simpler:
> ecasound -i:jack_auto,Cog -o jack_alsa -chmix:2
> The first copies the output from channel 1 (left0 to channel2 (right) and
> then uses internal panning effect (epp) to pan it to hard right (0=left,
> 50=center, 100=right).
> The second form just takes all input in mixes it to channel 2 (if this
> really gives the desired effect, I don't know, but strongly suspect). The
> third form would be:
> ecasound -i:jack_auto,Cog -o jack_alsa -chmove:1,2
> Move channel1 to channel2, this implies, that channel one audio stops
> playing there and is really MOVED to channel2.
> Hope that helps!
> Kindest regards
> Julien
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