Re: [ecasound] ecasound- tries to open wrong LADSPA plugins files and hangs

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Aug 16 2008 - 11:28:25 EEST


On Mon, 11 Aug 2008, Sergei Steshenko wrote:
> One more thing. In the same directory I also have named pipes.
> I think if ecasound (or any other program for that matter) opens a named
> pipe for reading, it will just get stuck waiting for data in that named
> pipe.

I think that's exactly what happens.

> So, if you are not going to change code so it will try to grab only DLLs,
> all this should be in the manpage, at least a strong recommendation to
> have only DLLs in the plugins directories.

I could change the code, but I don't know how. I really don't want to
hardcode known plugin filename extension types to ecasound. Ecasound can
be run on any POSIXish systems (not just Linux, OS X and Win32), so making
this type of assumptions can cause nasty side-effects for some users.

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