[ecasound] ecasound- does not wait long enough for data to come from a named pipe

From: Sergei Steshenko <sergstesh@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 05:45:13 EEST

Hello All,

I'm invoking ecasound this way:

~/AFSWD/install/ecasound- -f f32_le,2,44100 -i diagnostic_audio/diagnostic_audio_fifo.raw -f 16,2,44100 -b 4096 -o alsa -D

In the above command line diagnostic_audio/diagnostic_audio_fifo.raw is a
named pipe.

ecasound initially prints this:

* ecasound v2.4.6.1 (C) 1997-2007 Kai Vehmanen and others
[* Session created *]
[* Chainsetup created (cmdline) *]
(eca-chainsetup-parser) Setting buffersize to (samples) 4096.
[* Connecting chainsetup *]
(eca-chainsetup) 'rt' buffering mode selected.
(eca-fileio-stream) (eca-fileio-stream) fseek() error! (lfs).
(eca-fileio-stream) (eca-fileio-stream) fseek() error! (lfs).
(eca-fileio-stream) (eca-fileio-stream) fseek() error! (lfs).
(eca-chainsetup) Audio object "diagnostic_audio/diagnostic_audio_fifo.raw", mode "read".
(audio-io) Format: f32_le, channels 2, srate 44100, interleaved.
(audioio_alsa) Warning! Period-size differs from current client buffersize.
(eca-chainsetup) Audio object "alsa", mode "write".
(audio-io) Format: s16_le, channels 2, srate 44100, interleaved.
[* Chainsetup connected *]
(eca-control-objects) Connected chainsetup: "command-line-setup".
[* Controller/Starting batch processing *]
[* Engine init - Driver start *]

and after several seconds starts flooding the screen with

(audioio-db-server) wait_for_full failed
(audioio-db-client) WARNING: Underrun in reading from "diagnostic_audio/diagnostic_audio_fifo.raw". Trying to recover.
(audioio-db-client) WARNING: Underrun in reading from "diagnostic_audio/diagnostic_audio_fifo.raw". Trying to recover.

Is there a way to make ecasound to wait for data to appear in the
diagnostic_audio/diagnostic_audio_fifo.raw named pipe forever ?

I mean, to make it behave like simple 'cat' would do ?

If it is not possible to do from command line, which piece of code
(hopefully a constant somewhere) should be changed ? Of course, the
constant wouldn't make it forever, but a couple of minutes of wait time
would be fine.



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