[ecasound] Making a mix from multiple WAVs faster

From: Tomás Arribas <Tomas@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 21:42:01 EEST


I've made on online Flash-based sequencer, and I'm using Ecasound for
building the MP3 mixdown of the song the user makes.


The way I'm doing it now, the mixdown it's working perfectly (not so
much the mixer itself, but that's a Flash issue), but it is very slow.

What I do is to mix each sample of each track, one at a time. Then I
mix all the tracks together, and finally I convert to MP3.

This is an example of the list of commands executed for a very short
song: 4 tracks with a total of 23 samples, amounting to ~25 seconds of


It takes around 55 seconds to generate the final MP3 file. The server
is a dedicated Athlon64 3800+ (2.1ghz) with 1GB RAM running Fedora
Core 6 with Ecasound The song name is "Strange Attractor" in
the mixer's top songs list, in case you want to test it by yourself.

Any idea on how to make this better? The only thing I need is to mix
samples at exact millisecond positions in a track, and be able to cut
them at the beggining and end, as the user can trim the samples in the
mixer. I don't need effects or any fancy stuff.


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