Re: [ecasound] understanding loop device use

From: Rémi R <untruclong.durabombarder@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 01:33:55 EEST


>Dubphil a écrit :
> writing
> -a:1,2 -i:"loop,1",1
> instead of :
> -a:1 -i:"loop,1",1
> -a:2 -i:"loop,1",1
> does the trick, what is the reason behind this ? I realy believed that
> it was equivalent...

Thank's to (merci)

"loop" or/and "split/mix" that is the question...

The "loop pipe" has one and only one input. It has of course one and
only one output. It may be an other big ecasound rule.

Best regards,
A bientôt,

PS : An other sample : a 4 band limiter with "amphasis curve" for FM
transmitter. Not a good sound... But it my be usefull for people tying
to make a multiband compressor.

-z:mixmode,sum -f:24,2,48000 -a:ENTREE -f:16,2,48000 -i
../Blind_94_48.wav -eli:1068,0.774 -o:loop,1

-a:1,2,3,4 -f:24,2,48000 -i loop,1

-a:1 -eli:1068,0.394 -el:lowpass_iir,147.533,2

-a:2 -eli:1068,0.385 -el:bandpass_iir,2018.278,3714.503,2

-a:3 -eli:1068,0.385 -el:bandpass_iir,7585.547,6142.577,2

-a:4 -eli:1068,0.363 -el:highpass_iir,11695.970,2

-a:1,2,3,4 -f:16,2,48000 -o alsahw,0,0

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