[ecasound] Pre-release Ecmd 0.95, an Ecasound-based recorder/mixer,

From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 12:06:34 EEST

Hi Ecasound users, developers and list dwellers,

It took a few more weekends than I expected,...

Today I woke up and found that I have
a new version of Ecmd, ready to release.
Here is a quick run-through of some features:

- convenient multitrack recording based on Ecasound
- mixer configuration
- per-track volume/pan/effects (including LADSPA)
- marks are addressable by name, by next/previous and by index
- simple playback looping between marks or times in seconds
- mixdown modes
- Tk based GUI (use the -g option)
- command-line interface with history and help
- command line evaluates Ecmd commands, Ecasound IAM commands,
  perl code and shell code.
- project data save/recall
- user-friendly YAML format for project and configuration data
- automatically generates Ecasound chain setup and .ewf files

Internally, object-oriented code replaces procedural
code in the most complicated routines, making it
easier to develop and debug new features.

To simplify installation and testing, Ecmd is written as
a perl module, named Audio::Multitrack. Ecmd,
the user application, starts via an executable stub "ecmd"
that the module installs in your executable path.

With a bit of luck it will soon be available through CPAN,
the perl module distribution system.

Before uploading it to CPAN, I am making the distribution
available at the URL below. I would invite anyone to try it
out, and appreciate any comments.


Good luck and have fun!

Joel Roth
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