Re: [ecasound] pre4 for 2.5.0

From: Linux Media <linuxmedia4@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 00:51:23 EEST

>> Any processing of time ('-t' 'select' 'file.wav') with alsa... stops
>> short...
> now this is actually an age-old "feature" of ecasound. I'm not using the
> blocking variant of stopping ALSA devices (snd_pcm_drain()), but instead
> just stop devices immediately (snd_pcm_drop()). This might result in
> some samples written to the sound device not to be played out.
> PS And on a motivational point of view, it doesn't help that this is
> a complete non-issue with JACK... ;)

Yeah, I almost didn't mention it because I never run alsa, but then
realized it may be something the eca-alsa people would want to know.

I don't see any reason to run eca-alsa. Jack is low latency... can sync
with other programs... use things like QJackCtl as clock... sync to a
program that has a flexible metronome. There's even the shuttle written
for jack that you can use with eca-jack (I haven't tried it though).

I'm sure people have good reasons for running eca-alsa. Maybe I just not
aware of the reasons.


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