[ecasound] pre2 for 2.5.0

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 06 2008 - 23:46:35 EEST


and here's another prerelease tarball:


If you don't have time to test the new features, no worry! Just test
the pre2 version with your common tasks and see if it works like before.
More than anything, I'd like to avoid any regressions to past releases.

One interesting late addition to pre2 is a patch from Andrew Lees that
adds a 'reopen-count' parameter to the threshold gate (-ge). Quoting the
updated manpage:
Threshold gate. Initially gate is closed. It is opened when volume
goes over 'othreshold' percent. After this, if volume drops below
'cthold' percent, gate is closed and won't be opened again, unless the
'reopen-count' is set to anything other than zero.
If the 'reopen-count' is set to a positive number, then the gate will
restart its operation that many times. So for example, a reopen count
of 1 will cause up to 2 openings of the gate. A negative value for
'reopen-count' will result in the gate reopening indefinitely. The
'reopen-count' is invaluable in recording vinyl and tapes, where you can
set things up and then recording starts whenever the needle is on the
vinyl, and stops when it's off. As many sides as you like can be recorded
in one session. You will need to experiment with buffer lengths and
start/stop levels to get reliable settings for your equipment.

Comments and testing is welcome! And thanks to Andrew for the patch!

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