Re: [ecasound] preparing for release: 2.4.7pre1_2.5.0

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 22:34:45 EEST

Hello Kai!
   First of all: I completely join the others: Thanks a lot! Ecasound is also
my favourite and most relied upon piece of audio software. Has been since
   I'm just compiling the snapshot. But a question, plea for feature extension:
Could you increase the functionality of the loop audio op. Probably like this:
   so I could loop my file from second 10 to second 20 (a 10sec loop time), but
so I could ask ecasound to give some release-time less than looping-time of
course. This would be nice for working with real and practical
audio/drum-loops with some sustain or directly recorded reverb.
   concerning the other features I'll also test it.
   Kindest regards

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