Re: [ecasound] preparing for release: 2.4.7pre1_2.5.0

From: Dubphil <dubphil@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 10:46:38 EEST

Hello !

> Btw, Ecasound is getting old (or about to hit the open-source teens,
> which ever way you look at it) -- it's going to be 10 years since the
> first public GPL release in June next year, wow!

congrats for such a longevity !

Ecasound is simply the center piece of my soundsystem. for your curiosity
here is the scheme :

         .... midi gear(2)...(clock)... vintage synth(1)
         : |
       seq24 ..... linuxsampler ------ ECASOUND(+ LADSPA plugins) ....
midi gear(3)
         :......... specimen(5)----------' |
                                            ---- jackd -> recording/output

----- audio
..... midi

What about the "cs-reload" ability ?

I will test the 2.4.7 surely :)

Thousand thanks for this jewel piece of software !


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