Re: [ecasound] preparing for release: 2.4.7pre1_2.5.0

From: Linux Media <linuxmedia4@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 05:15:36 EEST

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> I'm again trying to concentrate my efforts on getting 2.5.0 released.
> Things are looking pretty good at this point, but as so much time has
> passed since the last release, some extra last minute testing would not
> hurt. So here's a link to a prerelease tarball:

Great new features!!!

I built ecasound and after a quick test to make sure it's installed and
running, I am ready to test the new features.

> To be realistic, Ecasound is not the hottest project around in the open
> source world ;), so getting people to test it is not easy. And this is
> completely understandable, or should I even say preferable (I really do
> hope that most of you are happy with whatever version of ecasound that
> comes with your distribution of choice). I'm not sure if getting to the
> release notes is enough of a incentive to get involved, but if I can get
> one extra tester this way, I'm happy! :)

I don't know what other people think about ecasound, but when I first
started using it about 5 years ago, it became (and has remained) my
favorite linux program. And that's *not* an exaggeration.

I'm testing because I'm excited about the new features. This will not be
a "sacrifice" of my time because I'm looking forward to it, and am
fueled with enthusiasm.

> But back to business. Comments are also welcome to below release
> related texts.

I looked at the items of personal interest in the examples page and was
absolutely delighted at the clearness of explanations. Most of my time
building ecasound related projects is dedicated to trying to decipher
man and other instructional texts. The sections I looked at are very
clear. Thanks!!!

I just have one errand to run in town and I will start testing the new
features when I'm back.


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