[ecasound] a lot of trouble these days

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden-lab.de>
Date: Wed Jun 04 2008 - 21:58:00 EEST

   I'm sorry this is just a list of what I experienced with my last ecasound
version (git from 20.05.2008).
   1. Still jack_auto doesn't care about the client parameter handed. It just
connects to the first two ports of my soundcard regardless.
   2. Effect troubles. Consider the following commandlne:
ecasound -c -a:1 -i t1.wav -ea:60 -a:2 -i 2.ewf -ea:70 -a:3 -i 3.ewf -ea:40
-a:4 -i 4.ewf -ea:64 ... -a:8 -i 8.ewf -ea:57 -z:mixmocd,sum -a:all -o out.wav
   I can say for sure, that with more then six chains, it ignore the ea-option
on one of them. with eight chains it ignore chain 7s ea with less some other
ea-options. At least I didn't get any sound from that chain. I checkd spelling
multiple times. When I removed the -ea from teh chain in question, I got it
good and loud. In that case it was alright, but definitely not helpful.
   the ewf-files just contained stuff like:
source = t2.wav
offset = 180
source = t3.wav
offset = 311
   And so on.
   3. Not sure if this is a problem: I handed ecasound a few 24bit wav-files,
but the output was 16bit. I passed -f:24,2,48000 to all chains and still it
wouldn't work. I deleted the ouput-file I was trying to create and used the
same commandline and voila. Is this behaviour intended?
   If you need log-files Kai, I could provide them for a few cases.
   Kindest regards

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