[ecasound] peak amplitude and vu-meter

From: Juergen Bausa <Juergen.Bausa@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Apr 19 2008 - 22:12:45 EEST


I am using ecasound to record audio with the soundcard. I use the following command line:

>ssh $RECORDER "ecasound -z:db,2000000 -i alsahw -f:s16_le,2,44100 -o:stdout | nc $HOST $PORT"

(I use this from a remote system)

Recording works fine, but I am missing a simple way to control the amplitude to
avoid clipping. I tried the following:

1. Command line option -ev

>From the man page:
    Analyzes sample data to find out how much the signal can be amplified without clipping.
    The resulting percent value can be used as a parameter to -ea and -eas effects. Also
    prints a statistics table containing info about stereo-image and how different sample
    values are used.

I tried

>ssh $RECORDER "ecasound -z:db,2000000 -i alsahw -f:s16_le,2,44100 -ev -o:stdout | nc $HOST $PORT"

However, using this command line option makes no difference. I get no output concerning amplitude.
What is wrong here?

2. ecasignalview

My second attempt was to use ecasigmalview. I use

>ecasignalview alsa,default alsa,default

which gives me a nice vu-meter and clipping statistics. However, when starting ecasound to record, I get
an error message:

>ERROR: Connecting chainsetup failed: "Enabling chainsetup: AUDIOIO-ALSA: Unable to open ALSA--device
>for capture; error: Device or resource busy"

It seems that ecasignalview locks the alsa device. Is there any way to use ecasignalview and ecasound at
the same time?

Are there any other options to control clipping while recording?

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